Robbrecht Van Cauwenberghe (1995) is a Belgian born accordion player who started learning music at the academy for music and dance ‘Emiel Hullebroek’ in Ghent. In 2010 he got accepted to the ‘School for Young Talent’ in The Hague where he was taught by An Raskin. Later on that year he made his appearance as a soloist with the Apollo ’77 accordion orchestra on their tour through The Netherlands and Belgium.

In September 2013 he continued his studies at The Royal Conservatory in The Hague where he received an ‘Excellence Scholarship’. In 2014 he performed together with the Bulgarian cellist Magdalena Petrovich on stages in London, Wantage and Oxford.
Despite his young age, Robbrecht was already connected to several music academies (Brussels, Leuven, Ninove) and local conservatories (Bruges, Mechelen) as an accordion teacher.

Working with composers and creating new music for the instrument is, next to teaching, one of his greatest passions. Result of this collaborations can be heard in works as: ‘Trois Tableaux pour l’accordéon’ by the Chilean composer Renan Zelada  – premiered on the Gaudeamus Festival Utrecht – and ‘Three Little Nocturnes for accordion and string quartet’ by the Danish composer Hans Abrahamsen.

He participated succesfully in several competitions e.g. Belfius Classics (2013, 2nd prize), Music Live (2007, Final Round) and Salonbeker (2015, 3rd prize).
Also on international summer courses (Serbia 2014, Germany 2015) and masterclasses he had the chance to have lessons with teachers such as Yuri Shishkin, Mie Miki, Matti Rantanen, Friedrich Lips, Elsbeth Moser and Geir Draugsvoll.

Since September 2016, he is taking part in an Erasmus exchange program to the Kunstuniversität Graz (Austria) with professor Janne Rättyä.

Robbrecht plays on a Jupiter Bayan (Russian type of accordion) which was especially build for him in Moscow last year.

New: Recording of the piece ‘Three Little Nocturnes’ by Hans Abrahamsen, together with the Myosotis String Quartet.




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